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Accelerated Computing Academy

A new age of IPU-accelerated discovery in computing

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The Next Era of Accelerated Computing

Computer scientists in academia, research institutes, government labs, supercomputing centers and in business around the world are looking to solve today's most challenging problems through computationally intensive research. In order to build entirely new algorithmic applications across a range of fields, they require advanced computing systems.

The IPU is a new massively parallel processor with a unique MIMD architecture designed to accelerate the world's most compute-intensive data processing applications with a mature software stack to enable fine grained programming.




Memory Access


Designed for scalar processes


Off-chip memory


SIMD/SIMT architecture. Designed for large blocks of dense contiguous data


Model and data spread across off-chip and small on-chip cache and shared memory


Massively parallel MIMD. Designed for fine-grained, high-performance computing


Model and data tightly coupled large locally distributed SRAM

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Solving New Problems in Computational Research

The Accelerated Computing Academy is designed to support C++ computer scientists build entirely new applications that require highly parallel and high-performance compute.

This programme aims to help researchers advance their projects in new and unlimited directions that transcend AI and machine learning.

Whether it's simulation modelling, structural analysis, video processing, or computational finance, we're looking for new and novel ways to leverage IPUs along with our Poplar Software.

We're open to working with academia across multiple fields such as Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Data Analytics, Finance, Energy, Chemistry, Aerodynamics, Biology, Geographical Sciences, and more.


Accelerated Computing Academy members will gain access to a variety of benefits

IPU Cloud

Access to free IPU hardware in the cloud


Support letters for grant and funding proposals


Internship programmes for undergraduate and PhD students


Support from Graphcore Engineers


Bespoke training workshops and educational materials


Project showcase and developer spotlight promotion


An introduction to the IPU architecture, programming model and tools available.

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White Papers-1

Information on how to use the Poplar graph programming tools to write code for the IPU.

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White Papers-1

Details of the functions in the Poplar and PopLibs libraries provided in the Poplar SDK.

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White Papers-1

A set of tutorials to introduce the Poplar graph programming framework and PopLibs libraries.

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University of Bristol's guide on low-level programming for HPC workloads using Poplar C++.

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Open source library of classes and functions to implement and deploy parallel programs on the IPU.

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