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Redefine the Future of Healthcare with IPUs

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Drug Development

With time to market for new drugs taking as long as a decade, AI is driving much needed acceleration in the development pipeline. With its accelerated compute, the IPU can be harnessed to expedite drug discovery and advance pharmaceutical research.


Medical Imaging

Detecting anomalies to pinpoint a diagnosis can be lengthy, painstaking work. Thanks to the IPU’s state of the art performance, researchers can now leverage new AI algorithms to accelerate the diagnostic process, build cutting-edge models and optimise treatment.


Medical Research

The recent explosion in big data has huge potential to advance medical research. But extracting value from unstructured information remains a challenge. The IPU's flexibility allows researchers to use new and complex models which can help them improve decision-making about patient health and derive insights faster.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

The rising adoption of DNA sequencing is enhancing our understanding of patient treatment. By utilising genomic data, researchers can work to improve health outcomes. The IPU enables new approaches to machine intelligence which can accelerate DNA sequencing and advance genomic medicine.

Drug Discovery Blog_2

Drug Discovery Blog

Learn how new IPU architecture could enable unprecedented speedups for drug discovery applications.

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IPUs for Medical Imaging

Microsoft prove the IPU is 2x as fast and 4x as efficient as the fastest alternative GPU on a medical imaging use case.

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