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Learn how to run models up to 26x faster

Accelerate your AI financial modelling with IPUs

In the finance sector, the potential for innovation with advanced machine intelligence is significant. But often, new and complex models are not being fully leveraged due to latency issues and compute restraints.

Enter the IPU – a completely new processing architecture designed for machine intelligence, capable of running advanced financial models up to 26x faster. Graphcore’s Alex Tsyplikhin explains how the IPU’s unique architecture can power such incredible breakthroughs – and what this means for the future of finance and trading.

What you'll learn:

  • How the IPU is able to achieve faster financial model accelerations than other hardware available on the market
  • How to use IPUs for financial modelling training and inference
  • Insights into advanced models, use cases and IPU benchmarks

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Meet the speaker

Alexander Tsyplikhin

Alexander Tsyplikhin is a Senior AI Engineer at Graphcore. Qualified to PhD level in Speech Biometrics, Alexander has worked in the field of machine learning for 19 years. He is passionate about leveraging technology and innovation to improve lives and generate results for businesses. At Graphcore, Alexander is focused on AI use cases in industry, using his expertise in machine intelligence to help drive customer success.