Learn more about the Graphcore Poplar® SDK and get started programming IPU systems.

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Open Source Poplar Libraries (PopLibs™)

Get access to 50+ optimised functions for common ML models and 750 high performance compute elements. Modify and write custom libraries. Now open source and available on GitHub.

Straightforward Deployment

Pre-built Docker containers with Poplar SDK, Tools and frameworks images to get up and running fast.

ML Frameworks Support

Support for standard ML frameworks: TensorFlow 1 and 2, ONNX and PyTorch with PaddlePaddle coming soon. 

TensorFlow PyTorch ONNX PaddlePaddle

Standard Ecosystem Support

Ready for production with Microsoft Azure deployment, Kubernetes orchestration, Docker containers and Hyper-V virtualisation & security.

Azure Docker Kubernetes Microsoft Hyper-v

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Fundamentals of the IPU and Poplar®

Running a basic addition example

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Getting started with PopART™

Graphcore's machine learning framework

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Getting started with PopVision™

Intro to the PopVision™ Graph Analyser

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Evaluating Batch Sizes for IPUs

Training models at reduced batch sizes

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We regularly update our benchmark charts to reflect new optimisations and the latest performance features in our software. And we share public examples for all of our benchmarks on GitHub so you can run them for yourself during evaluation. Go to our benchmark page to see the results and go direct to our public examples repo. Latest benchmarks
Oct 05, 2020 Graphcore releases new Poplar SDK 1.3 Read more
Oct 05, 2020 Major Update Released for Poplar Application Analysis Tool Read more
Sep 25, 2020 The Future of AI Chips lies in Software Read more
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