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Smart Networks

Smart Networks

A fully autonomous network requires new approaches to machine intelligence for efficient optimisation and performance forecasting. The IPU helps you leverage innovative machine learning models to provide seamless performance at scale.


5G Innovation

5G will enable exciting new applications, from self-driving cars to AR. But forecasting and optimising 5G data service delivery efficiently at scale is tough. With the IPU, state of the art compute and AI can combine for consistently outstanding 5G network performance.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Predictability is crucial to next generation networking. Telecoms innovators are using AI to forecast performance, recognise failure patterns and automate repairs. With IPU compute, predictive models are dramatically accelerated, driving competitive performance.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Poor performance is frustrating for network customers. Advanced AI language models can provide faster resolution through accelerated data analysis. With the IPU, you can leverage complex AI for fast and personalised results that enhance loyalty and boost revenue.

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