Second generation IPU systems for AI infrastructure at scale

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IPU-Machine: M2000

Our second generation, core building block for AI infrastructure, for all your AI workloads. Available standalone to get started and with built-in networking for supercomputing scale, the IPU-M2000 packs 1 PetaFlop of AI compute and 450GB Exchange-Memory. Available to pre-order today.

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Building blocks and reference designs for AI supercomputing scale that every enterprise can benefit from. Graphcore IPU-POD64 incorporates transformative innovations in compute and networking. Available to test today in our private Graphcloud™ preview. 

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IPU-Server systems

Industry standard OEM server systems for training and inference, based on Graphcore dual-IPU C2 PCIe Cards with MK1 Colossus™ IPUs. Get started with development and experimentation then ramp to full scale production. Available on Microsoft Azure and to buy direct from Dell, Inspur and our partners.

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Bert-Large- Training Click to Zoom

Natural Language Processing - BERT

The IPU delivers impressive performance across NLP models which are widely used across many industries and use-cases. As can be seen here for BERT-Large the IPU-POD64 achieves time-to train significantly faster than a single DGX A100 platform, and multiple DGX A100 based systems.

EfficientNet-B0- Inference Click to Zoom

Computer Vision - EfficientNet

High throughput at the lowest possible latency is key in many of the most important use cases today such as visual search engines and medical imaging. The IPU-M2000 achieves 60x higher throughput and 16x lower latency than the latest GPU. In fact, the IPU-M2000 delivers higher throughput at its lowest latency than is achievable by the latest GPU at any batch size.

Jan 06, 2021
Machine Intelligence Research Directions in 2021
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Dec 29, 2020
Graphcore raises $222 million in Series E Funding Round
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Dec 14, 2020
University of Massachusetts Accelerates COVID-19 Modelling on the IPU
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Dec 09, 2020
Graphcore sets new AI Performance Standards with MK2 IPU Systems
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Graphcore enters the System Business claiming Economics vastly better than Nvidia's

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Graphcore unveils New GC200 Chip and the Expandable M2000 IPU Machine that runs on them

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Graphcore takes on Nvidia with Latest AI Chip

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