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Our IPU lets innovators make new breakthroughs in machine intelligence



Pre-configured with a 4 petaFLOP AI system, IPU-POD16 is where you experience the power and flexibility of larger IPU systems. 

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16 petaFLOPS of AI-compute for both training and inference workloads, the IPU-POD64 is designed for AI at scale.

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With a powerful 32 petaFLOPS of AI compute, the IPU-POD128 is designed to provide cutting-edge performance for machine intelligence at datacenter scale.

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A secure IPU cloud service to add state of the art AI compute on demand - no on-premise infrastructure deployment required.

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Best for Natural Language Processing

Train BERT in 9.39 minutes. These blistering fast results on an IPU-POD64 measured in industry standard MLPerf benchmarks for BERT in the commercially available, open category for production hardware.

Even the closed result for IPU-POD16 is seriously impressive - just under 35 minutes. We’re getting into supercomputer territory with a 5U machine you can buy from our partners or use in Graphcloud today.

MLPerf v1.0 Training Results | MLPerf ID: 1.0-1098, 1.0-1099

Best for Computer Vision

Train ResNet-50 in 14.48 minutes. In the tightly regulated closed category for MLPerf, we achieve stunning performance on an IPU-POD64 and a really impressive 37 minutes on our mainstream, commercially available IPU-POD16 system.

MLPerf v1.0 Training Results | MLPerf ID: 1.0-1026, 1.0-1028