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Get started quickly, save on compute costs, and seamlessly scale to massive IPU compute on demand and with ease. Graphcore IPU cloud services are now available globally, with free trials and a range of pricing options, enabling innovators everywhere to make new breakthroughs in machine intelligence.

Sovereign and Secure AI Cloud

Secure your digital sovereignty with pay-as-you-go machine learning cloud solutions made in Europe.

Build, train and deploy ML models via dashboard, API or Terraform with AI compute powered by Graphcore IPUs.

Get started
Poplar and Frameworks in the Cloud Diagram

Work with the frameworks you love

Our Poplar® software stack integrates seamlessly with many popular machine learning frameworks, allowing you to get up and running fast with easy setup and minimal code changes.

Maximise your productivity and unlock IPU business potential with framework support for TensorFlow, PyTorch, Hugging Face, Keras, PaddlePaddle and more.

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The latest hardware, software and services are ready to go. You'll have all the docs, tutorials, application examples and support from AI experts to help you get started quickly

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Virtual machines are available globally and around the clock and can be increased or reduced as needed

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All our partners deploy a multitiered set of best in class security to control network access strictly so your work and your data stay safe

flexible pricing

Free trials, a range of prices, and a variety of leasing options are available