A dive into Graphcore's software stack

Next Platform 8/5/2017

We wanted to go back to the initial hardware deep dive we provided in March and look at the other aspect of Graphcore’s offering—the software stack. The custom-developed IPU processors at the heart of Graphcore’s PCIe based hardware have a heady task for both training and inference on the same device.

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Graphcore's vibrant computational images show AI in action

The New Stack 12/03/2017

Using a new processor technology designed for artificially intelligent systems, Bristol-based startup Graphcore used its Intelligent Processing Unit (IPU) to create these stunning images of what the algorithms in a machine learning model look like when they are in action

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An early look at startup Graphcore's Deep Learning Chip

The Next Platform 09/03/2017

Graphcore thinks it has the bottlenecks broken, the scalability wall scaled, and the performance/power balance right...And guess what? They actually make a damned good case for all of the above. 

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What does a complex AI model look like?

The Register 17/02/2017

Vivid images of machine learning graph processing

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Stunning 'AI brain scans' reveal what machines see as they learn new skills

Wired 14/02/2017

Bristol-based Graphcore used its new AI processor and software to show what happens within machine learning processes

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