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Introducing IPU-POD Systems

Second generation IPU systems for AI infrastructure at scale

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IPU Machine2000 Top_KL_compressed


The high performance building block for AI infrastructure at scale, the IPU-M2000 sets a new standard for AI compute. One system designed for all AI workloads, supporting both training and inference, the IPU-M2000 includes 4 second generation IPU processors, packing 1 petaFLOP of AI compute in a slim 1U blade.



Ideal for evaluation and exploration, IPU-POD16 is a powerful 4 petaFLOP platform for your team to develop new concepts and innovative pilot projects ready to step up to production. Four IPU-M2000 building blocks, directly connected to a host server in a pre-configured package, IPU-POD16 is your stepping stone to AI infrastructure at scale.



A completely new approach to deploying deep learning systems at a truly massive scale. Offering 16 petaFLOPS of AI-compute with ultimate flexibility to deliver the best AI compute density for your datacenter, IPU-POD64 offers ultimate performance with built-in networking ready for scale-out.


Poplar® Software

Poplar is our easy to use, production-ready software co-designed with the IPU to simplify development and deployment. Supporting standard ML frameworks, like TensorFlow and PyTorch our PopLibs libraries and framework APIs are open source to encourage community contribution and to let you create new models and improve performance with existing applications.

Poplar Software

C2 Card MK1 PCIe Systems

First generation IPU-Server workhorse systems with eight dual-IPU C2 PCIe Cards with MK1 Colossus™ GC2 IPUs. Ready for full scale production.


Azure IPU Preview

The Graphcore IPU preview on Microsoft Azure is open for customers focused on developing new breakthroughs in machine intelligence. 

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A secure cloud-based machine-learning platform running on Graphcore MK2 IPU-POD systems hosted by Cirrascale in partnership with Graphcore.

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Our Partners

Graphcore's Global Partner Network consult, integrate and sell the latest IPU Mk2-based platforms, including the IPU-POD4, IPU-POD16 and IPU-POD64.

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