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Computer Vision

Delivering generative AI for image tasks, multimodal models combining language and vision, plus object detection, image classification and more


CV analyzes insurance claims for damaged vehicles and homes to provide instant appraisal and claim resolution. It helps reduce cost and boosts business growth with higher customer satisfaction rates.


CV improves medical treatments and procedures, accelerates healthcare research and improves the overall patient experience, helping diagnose cancer and other disorders accurately and efficiently from X-rays and scans.


Generative AI is making a huge impact in the creative sector, opening up new avenues for creative exploration and experimentation by generating content for computer games, advertising, films, websites and much more.


CV helps boost crop yields by estimating seasonal yield before the harvesting period, it detects weeds and pests to to facilitate pesticide-free food production and remotely monitors crop and stock health.

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Developing models on your own needs lots of training data, time, and expertise. Here’s the good news – you don’t have to be an expert to get started. Graphcore provides a number of pretrained models, already built and ready to use, to start developing your own CV solutions. Start with our Model Garden with links to pre-built CV models in our GitHub repo and ready-to-go Jupyter Notebooks, like Stable Diffusion, with zero set up required.

Check out our Developer Resources to learn about other computer vision resources, as well as other ML speech and natural language processing use cases, applications and pre-built models.

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