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Learn how to drive machine intelligence breakthroughs with the IPU

IPU Technology Webinar

Learn how to drive machine intelligence breakthroughs with the IPU. The Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) is an AI processor designed from the ground up for machine intelligence workloads. Leveraging its massive parallelism and user-friendly Poplar software, Graphcore’s Chris Tunsley explains how IPU technology is enabling innovators to achieve unprecedented accelerations for large and complex machine learning models.

What you'll learn:

  • How machine intelligence is evolving and what this means for AI processors
  • Insights into IPU technology & Poplar software delivered via IPU-Server
  • Poplar software supports multi-IPU constructs to enable a world of growing model sizes and complexity
  • Overview of next generation image classification models using ResNeXt as an example, showing IPU benchmarks & use-case implementation

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Webinar Speakers


Meet the speaker

Chris Tunsley

Chris Tunsley is Director of Product Marketing at Graphcore. Chris has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, previously holding strategic product roles at both NVIDIA and ARM. At Graphcore, Chris oversees global product marketing for the IPU-Server which uses IPU technology to accelerate emerging use cases in machine intelligence.