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On-Demand Webinar


Fast-track AI adoption with state of the art hardware



Graphcore’s new Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) is a completely new kind of processor built to accelerate machine intelligence. The IPU’s massively parallel chip architecture delivers state of the art performance across new and advanced AI and machine learning models.

In this webinar, 2CRSi’s Head of Business Development  Joseph Gonnachon and Graphcore’s SVP of Sales Fabrice Moizan will discuss how IPU systems open up unprecedented opportunities for AI engineers and researchers worldwide to make new discoveries.

The discussion will include:

  • Introduction to the IPU, the world’s most complex processor, and IPU systems
  • The 2CRSi group, through its experience in the design, manufacture and deployment of HPC and the adoption of AI
  • Insights into new Graphcore technologies supporting scale-out efficiency
  • What innovators can do to prepare for the next generation of AI breakthroughs

Register for the webinar here:

Webinar Speakers

Fabrice GC

Meet the speaker from Graphcore

Fabrice Moizan

Fabrice Moizan has more than 20 years of experience in managing companies and teams at international level in the semiconductor, telecommunications, web services and artificial intelligence sectors including Altera, Cypress Semiconductors and Icera. He was more recently behind the launch of the Cloud gaming project in France at NVIDIA as Vice President Europe of the Cloud Service Providers activity. After that Fabrice created, in partnership with INRIA, the edtech start-up Gayatech, a publisher of educational content platforms using artificial intelligence techniques, before selling it to Qwant. In 2017 he joined Graphcore and was in charge of setting up the BizDev division in North America. Currently Fabrice is based in France and he is in charge of the expansion of Graphcore across EMEAI and Asia Pacific as a Senior Regional Vice President of EMEAI and Asia Pacific Sales at Graphcore

Joseph 2CRSi

Meet the speaker from 2CRSi

Joseph Gonnachon

Disruptive tech enthusiast from the Startup sphere, Joseph is a French entrepreneur promoting Sustainable and European tech Industry. He manages AI Startups & Innovative companies at 2CRSi. 

2CRSi group is specialised in high performance and high efficiency computing technology.