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Analyst Report

Moor Insights and Strategy Research Paper

Learn more about Graphcore's second generation IPU systems for AI at scale

Moor Insights & Strategy White Paper

By Karl Freund/Patrick Moorhead

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This research paper from Moor Insights & Strategy, explores Graphcore's new 7nm Colossus MK2 GC200 IPU, the IPU-M2000 and IPU-POD systems which scale to supercomputing scale for enterprise AI infrastructure.  

Analyst Karl Freund describes our second-generation platform, the IPU-M2000, as having "greater processing power, more memory, and built-in scalability for handling extremely large parallel processing workloads. The company is now betting their future on this second generation platform; a plug-and-play building block for massive scalability that is currently unique in the industry."

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