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Self-service IPU cloud on-demand

Try IPUs in the cloud with a zero set-up, pre-configured Jupyter development environment on Paperspace

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Designed for ML engineers. Explore IPU-ready models at ease with Gradient Notebooks.

Gradient is an end-to-end MLOps platform providing AI practitioners and researchers with an intuitive no-fuss environment, paired with powerful native IPU support.

Built to meet the demands of ML workloads, Graphcore and Paperspace are working together to make IPUs more accessible than ever before through Gradient's simple cloud workspace.

Discover a range of IPU-optimised ML models in popular domains like NLP and CV, plus new emerging areas like Graph Neural Networks, all pre-configured on IPU runtimes with self-guided tutorials, to get you running models in no time.

Developer Quickstart

Available globally with an unlimited number of six-hour free sessions, allowing ML developers and researchers to try IPUs without friction or any upfront costs.

Command Line

Select an IPU runtime with pre-configured Docker containers and launch from your browser in seconds within Gradient's simple web-based Jupyter IDE.


Instantly access IPU-POD16 Classic machines delivering 4 petaFLOPS of AI compute, designed from the ground up for new breakthroughs in machine intelligence.

Cube Line

Effortlessly run state-of-the-art ML models accelerated by the architectural advantages of the IPU - including NLP, Computer Vision, and Graph Neural Networks (GNNs).


Discover a range of self-guided learning content including hands-on tutorials and code examples from basic programming concepts to optimisation techniques.


Fully integrated with common ML frameworks including PyTorch and TensorFlow, plus popular libraries including Hugging Face Optimum transformers.

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