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Feb 10, 2023

Chat IPU - join the Graphcore conversation on Slack

Written By:

Kelly Little

Join the IPU conversation

Join our Graphcore community for free. Get help and share knowledge, find tutorials and tools that will help you grow.

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Graphcore is building a vibrant global community of developers using the IPU to build and grow innovative AI products and services. 

An important part of any community is communication and knowledge sharing – the ability to exchange ideas, ask questions and provide support. 

We want to ensure that conversation is taking place in locations that are useful and easy for anyone to access. That’s why we’re opening our Graphcore community channel on Slack to everyone. 

Simply go to graphcore.ai/join-community and join today. 

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As well as other IPU users, you’ll be able to connect with members of Graphcore’s own AI engineering team, ML experts, and our in-house AI researchers. 

In addition to answering your questions and directing you to online resources, we’ll also be sharing the latest news about IPUs in the cloud, popular new models, ecosystem announcements, customer stories and more. 

More importantly, we want to create a collaborative and helpful space for the IPU community to share their projects, engage in topical discussions and provide direct feedback. 

Graphcore’s Slack channel is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the growing community of IPU users and improving the developer experience by listening to your feedback. 

Some other developer resources you might find useful include: 

Model Garden – a catalogue of all the available IPU-optimized models 

IPU-Powered Jupyter Notebooks – launch free notebooks in the cloud with 1-click 

GitHub – repository of Graphcore models, tutorials and examples 

Documentation – detailed literature on all things Graphcore, including hardware, software, APIs, getting started guides 

Graphcore on Medium – home to our developer-focused blogs 

Connect with the IPU community and join us on Slack