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Nov 01, 2023

Gcore extends its IPU cloud offering to the USA

Written By:

Chad Martin

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Graphcore partner Gcore is announcing the availability of Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs) as part of its AI cloud compute service in the United States. 

US-based users have been taking advantage of IPUs via Gcore’s international datacenters for some time. The addition of IPUs physically located in Manassas, Virginia enables Gcore to deliver state-of-the-art AI compute to customers who need to retain their data within the United States for regulatory and other reasons. 

Supporting the principle of data sovereignty is central to Gcore’s IPU cloud offering, allowing public sector organisations, governments, financial institutions and those working with sensitive user data to operate in compliance with current and emerging rules around AI, whether in Europe, the UK, or the US. 

Manassas virtual vPOD confugurations 

At time of launch (November 2023) Gcore IPU configurations and pricing are as follows:Price table for Gcore IPUs

Built on Gcore, powered by Graphcore 

Gcore’s IPU-powered AI infrastructure is helping new AI-centric businesses build innovative products and services, while allowing longstanding industries to explore and scale their use of artificial intelligence with flexible, cost-effective compute.  

AI-as-a-Service companies including Pienso and NLP Cloud are making IPU compute on Gcore part of their AI compute infrastructure, helping to power their businesses and provide the reliable, leading-edge performance that their end-users depend on.  

Find out more about using IPUs on Gcore and how to get started with a free trial.