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Graphcore expands into Southeast Asia with new Singapore base

Oct 18, 2021

Graphcore advances in Southeast Asia with new Singapore base

Written By:

Philip Tan

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As more and more innovators across Asia choose IPU systems to power their AI breakthroughs, Graphcore is expanding into Southeast Asia with a new regional hub in Singapore.

Graphcore Singapore will support our local teams and customers across ASEAN’s fastest growing economies including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore itself.

This important milestone in Graphcore’s international growth reflects the rate at which customers across the wider Asia-Pacific region are adopting IPU technology for AI compute.

High-profile clients such as Korean technology giant NHN and Korea Telecom, the country’s largest telecommunications business, have already selected Graphcore systems because of their superior performance on both today’s AI workloads and ability to unlock new AI techniques for tomorrow’s emerging applications.

Partnering for Success

Graphcore is expanding into Southeast Asia with the expert support of our new Elite Partners NetWeb and Cxrus, both headquartered in Singapore, and INT2, based in Vietnam, as well as our existing global partners. 

With the support of NetWeb, Cxrus and INT2, Graphcore aims to get IPUs into the hands of many more innovators in Southeast Asia – through cloud and on-prem deployments - enabling them to explore next generation approaches with machine intelligence in fields such finance, healthcare, scientific research, industrial and automotive.

Singapore: The new Silicon Valley?

As well as being recognised as a vital hub for international businesses serving the ASEAN region, Singapore itself is a rapidly growing consumer of leading-edge technology.

Ranked as the world’s 8th most innovative country, Singapore’s vibrant ecosystem is often likened to Silicon Valley thanks to its vast community of start-ups, enterprises and early adopters. The Singaporean government invests significantly in R&D, with up to $150 million set to be invested in AI by 2025.

This recognition of technology’s potential to drive economic growth and enrich society make Singapore is a natural home for Graphcore, with our goal of helping innovators make the next breakthroughs in machine intelligence.

Welcoming Graphcore’s decision to locate in Singapore, Natalie Black, Her Majesty's Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific, said: “We congratulate Graphcore on their expansion in Singapore. This company is a great example of the UK’s exciting, innovative tech sector and of our world-beating expertise in AI and DeepTech. Graphcore continues Bristol’s long legacy of hardware engineering, and demonstrates the deep UK-Singapore digital trade relationship.”

Collaborating with Researchers

Graphcore will also be using its Singapore centre as a base for collaboration with leading local AI research institutes and universities – another vital aspect of Graphcore’s mission to accelerate AI innovation.

Research labs and universities in Singapore interested in joint research collaborations can apply to Graphcore’s Academic Programme for the chance to test and use IPU hardware in the cloud at no cost.  

A Home for Talent

Graphcore is hiring extensively in Singapore to support customers in the region and set them up for success with their AI applications running on IPUs. 

If you are interested in joining our growing team in Singapore, check out our live roles and learn more about working at Graphcore here.

About our New Partners

For more than 20 years, NetWeb has been at the forefront of innovation. Having built its reputation driving the adoption of novel high-performance computing solutions, today Netweb is distinguishing itself as a leader in AI compute.

Singapore-based Cxrus delivers Enterprise-grade business solutions and system integration services to customers, turning ideas into reality with the power of technology.

New Graphcore reseller INT2 is helping businesses implement data science and AI solutions and will drive adoption of IPU systems in Vietnam, supporting the national goal to become one of the world's top 50 countries in AI research, development and applications.

You can learn more about Graphcore’s global partner network here.