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Nov 19, 2019

Graphcore announces bare-metal IPU cloud service with Cirrascale

Written By:

Victoria Rege

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We're proud to share our latest news from the SC19 Conference in Denver. Today, we announced that  Graphcore IPU systems will be available from Cirrascale Cloud Services®.  IPUs will be offered in two different ways from Cirrascale: as part of an IPU bare-metal cloud service or with the Dell EMC DSS8440 IPU Server for on-premise customer applications. This will mean that AI innovators can either use our IPU systems in the cloud or on-premise, making the choice that works best for their organisation.

Customers will benefit from the IPU’s state of the art performance for training and inference, especially on new, more complex machine learning models.

Cirrascale deliver outstanding performance as part of a predictably priced managed service, providing cloud services for many large-scale deep learning operators, services providers and HPC users. Through this joint collaboration with Graphcore, Cirrascale customers will now be able to access the compute power of IPU-Servers from anywhere by paying a simple, low-cost monthly fee. 

Cirrascale is extremely pleased to offer its customers Graphcore IPU systems in two flavors: as instances in our cloud; and, as servers with eight Graphcore C2 IPU-processor cards for on-premise installations,” said PJ Go, CEO, Cirrascale Cloud Services. “Working with Graphcore to provide this solution in our cloud and on-premise represents an exciting shift in how Cirrascale can further assist our customers in making huge performance improvements to their training and inference workloads.”  

The IPU system is designed to efficiently run highly complex machine intelligence applications such as Natural Language Processing, financial risk analysis and image recognition, and delivers over 1.6 petaflops of machine intelligence compute. 

Learn more about Graphcore IPU cloud services and IPU-Servers on by visiting the Cirrascale website.