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Next Generation IPU Systems

IP‌U-M2‌00‌0‌ + IP‌‍U‌-P‍OD‌4

Core building blocks for AI infrastructure at scale

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The IPU-Machine: IPU-M2000

The IPU-M2000 is the fundamental compute engine for IPU-based machine intelligence, built with the powerful Colossus Mk2 IPU designed from the ground up for AI. It packs 1 petaFLOP of AI compute with 3.6GB In-Processor-Memory™ and up to 256GB Streaming Memory™ in a slim 1U blade. The IPU-M2000 has a flexible, modular design, so you can start with one and scale out to many in our IPU-POD platforms.

Directly connect one IPU-M2000 to a host server from our OEM partners, to build the entry level IPU-POD4 to start your IPU journey.

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Graphcore IPU-POD4

Get started with the IPU-POD4 - the entry-level AI compute engine to start your IPU journey, combining a single IPU-M2000, directly connected to a host server, in a 2U pre-qualified system.

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