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Accelerating America with new Graphcore Partners

May 05, 2021

Accelerating America with new Graphcore partners

Written By:

Victoria Rege

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Graphcore’s global network of channel partners plays a vital role in putting our technology into the hands of innovators around the world. 

Our partners typically have long-standing relationships with customers and bring deep, sector-specific expertise that can help organisations make the move to Graphcore technology and gain maximum advantage from our industry-leading AI compute systems.

Expanding the Graphcore partner program increases our capacity to reach customers, and to support them through their scale-up journey with the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU).

Today we are announcing new channel partners for North America, and the extension into the region of several partnerships that have been operating successfully elsewhere in the world.

As leaders in artificial intelligence research and deployment, the US and Canada are incredibly important markets for Graphcore. These new relationships will help us meet the growing demand for cutting-edge AI compute systems that excel at today’s most widely used applications, as well as being architected for the next generation of models and workloads.

New partners

The new members of Graphcore’s Global Partner Program, serving customers in North America, are:

Applied Data Systems – a leading supplier and integrator of High-Performance Computing systems across government national labs, higher educational research facilities, life science and genomics, media and entertainment, and oil and gas.

Images et Technologie - bringing more than 26 years of experience, supplying IT solutions to customers throughout Canada. Images et Technologie customers span a broad range of High-performance Computing industries from architecture, gaming, M&E to artificial intelligence. Building innovative computing platforms to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

Trace3 – from consultation to integration, Trace3 has been delivering strategies and systems for more than two decades, with expertise across cloud, security, infrastructure, AI and more. 

Extending partnerships 

2CRSi, BIOS IT and Boston also join the list of new channel partners in North America, building on our successful collaboration with them in the EMEA and APAC regions.

Additionally, we are expanding Graphcore's longstanding relationship with Dell Technologies, as Dell’s OEM Solutions Group begins working to help their customers adopt IPU technologies. Dell Technologies Capital is an investor in Graphcore, and Dell was the technology supplier for Graphcore's first generation of IPU systems.

The latest additions to our Partner Program join existing North America members, Meadowgate Technologies and Wildflower International, both leading suppliers of compute systems and solutions to government and private sector, and Cirrascale Cloud Services, a cloud solution provider that offers access to Graphcore compute via its Graphcloud service.

We are also extremely proud to work with Tech Data, the leading global enabler of IT distribution, which has played a critical part in championing Graphcore’s growth in the North American region.

Joseph Cousin, Vice President, GCC Americas at Tech Data, said of the relationship: “Tech Data is committed to putting the most powerful tools into the hands of innovators. In the AI revolution, Graphcore systems are proving to be one of the most exciting and compelling technologies around, and we are delighted to be playing a part in their growing international presence."

A word from our partners

Graphcore’s new North America partners had this to say about the new or extended partnerships:

“Whether it is pure AI or a wider range of HPC applications, Graphcore’s systems are increasingly seen as the must-have compute platform for any next-generations datacenter. At Applied Data Systems we expect to see demand spanning all of the industries and verticals we serve, from Government research labs to life sciences, media, and oil and gas.

Craig Swanson

Managing Partner, Applied Data Systems


“Canada has well-earned its reputations for being at the leading-edge of artificial intelligence innovation, both in research and applied AI. Images et Technologie’s relationship with Graphcore allows our mutual customers to continue pushing the limits of what is possible and solving the world’s biggest computing challenges.”

Emmanuel Agoston

CEO, Images et Technologie


“At Trace3 our customers are looking for us to solve business problems by leveraging deep learning to harness their data.  One of the technology tools we bring to the table is Graphcore.  We find its ability to find new efficiencies in today’s most demanding workloads is a terrific fit in our AI solutions.”

Matt Fornito

Head of AI, Trace3


“The relationship between 2CRSi and Graphcore has already proved extremely successful in the EMEA region, where the companies’ shared passion for enabling innovation in AI resonates powerfully with our customers. Bringing 2CRSi to North America as a Graphcore Partner reflects a growing international awareness of the IPUs’ capabilities and demand to bring it to datacenters across the continent.”

Alain Wilmouth



“Our heritage is to lead with breakthrough innovations and apply them confidently in established markets. Boston customers are already using Graphcore systems and we believe this technology really does deliver on the bold claims that were made of it. We are excited to continue our growth with Graphcore across the US.” 

Manoj Nayee

Managing Director, Boston Limited


“We have seen substantial advantages when applying Graphcore’s technology across many of the sectors that BIOS-IT serves, from finance to deep learning in the cloud and particularly recent examples of the IPU’s implementation with HPC applications. We anticipate significant demand as we work with Graphcore and its customers across North America.” 

Ray Beaver

Director, BIOS IT USA


More information on Graphcore’s Partner Program is available here.

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