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Jul 22, 2021

Atos and Graphcore: bringing AI compute to the world

Written By:

Fabrice Moizan

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Atos and Graphcore have announced a major new partnership to bring AI compute to innovators around the world. 

Graphcore will play a central role in Atos’ ThinkAI strategy, which it calls “the cornerstone for the next decades in digital transformation”. 

Working together, our two companies will help organisations make the most of this transformational technology which will, ultimately, touch every industry in every country.  

The partnership has already welcomed its first major joint customer in Korean technology giant NHN, which recently announced that it will be using Graphcore systems in its datacenter projects, citing the power and flexibility of the IPU-POD. 


ThinkAI represents a massive commitment to the future of artificial intelligence by one of the world’s most trusted technology companies. For Atos to have put Graphcore at the heart of such an important initiative says a great deal about the maturity of our hardware and software, and the ability of our systems to deliver on customer needs. 

The strategy is focused on the twin objectives of accelerating pure artificial intelligence and advancing the application of AI in areas that are traditionally the preserve of high-performance computing (HPC). 

ThinkAI draws on Atos’ AI business consultancy expertise, backed by expert teams at the Atos Center of Excellence in Advanced Computing, its digital security capabilities, and software such as Codex AI Suite and Atos HPC Software Suitesto enable organisations to accelerate time to AI operationalisation and industrialisation. 

Atos will deliver tailored Graphcore solutions to customers, wherever they are in their AI journey, from early evaluation and proof-of-concept, to scale-up systems that grow in line with their compute needs, both through cloud services and on-premises IPU-POD systems.  

Agnès Boudot, Senior Vice President, Head of HPC & Quantum at Atos said: “With ThinkAI, we’re making it possible for organizations from any industry to achieve breakthroughs with AI. Graphcore’s IPU hardware and Poplar® software is opening up new opportunities for innovators to explore the potential of AI for their organizations, complemented with our industry-tailored AI business consultancy, digital security capabilities and software such as Atos Codex Suite, we’re excited to be orchestrating these cutting-edge technologies in our ThinkAI solution.” 

One example of this commitment to providing customers with industry-leading AI compute systems, configured around their specific needs, is the qualification for use in IPU-PODs of BullSequana X400 series servers, a popular offering available from Atos. The ongoing expansion of qualified hardware by Graphcore gives customers hardware choice and flexibility, as well as the ability to specify their preferred technology from their preferred suppliers. 

History of leadership 

Over the past two decades Atos has designed and delivered countless major IT projects across HPC, IOT, cloud, automation, and beyond – guided by a deep understanding of new technologies and the changing needs of industry, academia and the public sector. 

Now, as the world explores the opportunities and navigates the challenges presented by artificial intelligence, it is no surprise that Atos is again at the forefront of this transformation, acting as a trusted guide. 

That commitment to the advancement of AI, as well as the company’s continued expansion around the world, perfectly aligns with the growing international demand for Graphcore systems. 

Innovation is everything 

Graphcore compute is part of a virtuous cycle that is driving forward the field of artificial intelligence. Our technology allows customers to accelerate today’s most widely used applications, while the made-for-AI architecture of the IPU also unlocks new, cutting-edge models and techniques that might not otherwise be accessible. 

In Atos, those same ideas are represented in a combination of readily deployable solutions for today’s needs, including cloud and IOT, alongside a deep commitment to research and development. 

With 15 R&D centers and more than 5,000 patents held, Atos shares Graphcore’s commitment to advancing innovation. 

We look forward to working together to shape tomorrow’s AI and to help to put it into the hands of our customers.