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Feb 02, 2022

G-Core Labs launches European AI cloud powered by Graphcore IPU

Written By:

Fabrice Moizan

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G-Core Labs, a European Cloud and EDGE provider with more than 140 locations around the globe, is putting Graphcore Intelligence Processing Units at the heart of its new European-based public AI cloud service.

The company has chosen IPU systems to meet the rapidly growing demand for powerful, efficient and secure artificial intelligence compute in the cloud.

G-Core Labs’ first IPU service will be built on an initial IPU cluster in Luxembourg, with future expansion planned in Central Europe, to meet the data sovereignty needs of European enterprises, large labs, and research institutions

From starting-out to scaling-up

G-Core Labs IPU-based AI cloud is designed to help businesses across a wide range of fields, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and scientific research. It is built to support every stage of their AI adoption journey, from building proof of concepts, to training and deployment.

Ready-made solutions for AI applications including natural language processing, computer vision and conversational AI, as well as other implementation resources, training and support will help customers solve real life business problems and innovate faster.

“We are very proud that G-Core Labs is the first European cloud service provider to partner with Graphcore to bring new innovations for a rapidly changing cloud market. Artificial Intelligence is evolving fast and users are looking to trusted technology partners like G-Core Labs for powerful AI cloud services that are highly efficient, easily accessible and highly flexible, to suit their changing needs,” said Andre Reitenbach, CEO at G-Core Labs.

“The promise of AI is vast, but its progress is hugely dependent on the computer systems that it runs on. Graphcore has shown, through its commercial and research partnerships, that the IPU is an innovation accelerator, opening up new avenues in AI research while also delivering outstanding performance per dollar.”

Infrastructure for industries

Nigel Toon, Co-founder and CEO of Graphcore said: “G-Core Labs cloud infrastructure underpins countless industries, from finance and medicine to ecommerce and gaming. They have a proven record of making cutting-edge compute technologies accessible, affordable, and scalable.

“Working together, Graphcore and G-Core Labs will make the power and flexibility of the IPU available to anyone who wants to take their AI compute to the next level – whether that’s accelerating their current workloads or exploring the use of next generation models that demand specialist systems, designed for artificial intelligence”.

From the company’s earliest days, serving global online gaming communities, G-Core Labs has developed a reputation for providing highly robust, low-latency and secure content delivery EDGE compute services on online businesses.

Today, G-Core Labs is building a single comprehensive AI cloud service for training and deployment of AI applications. The platform will work on the one-stop-shop principle, allowing developers to fully concentrate on the development of their ML models and services without worrying about preparing infrastructure, downloading software, getting set up, and providing frameworks, data storage systems, and technical support for all these elements.

G-Core Labs plans to expand its IPU cloud service in Europe, the US and Asia during 2022.

European AI and HPC technology leader, Atos, worked closely with G-Core Labs and Graphcore as a systems integrator for the deployment of IPUs in the G-Core cloud. Atos will also use the G-Core Cloud to enable its own customer base to access efficiently the IPU technology on demand.

G-Core Labs IPU cloud service is currently open to early access customers.

For more information visit: https://gcorelabs.com/partners/graphcore/