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Graphcore and NEC new

Feb 15, 2022

Graphcore and NEC partner to deliver advanced AI compute

Written By:

Mamoru Nakano

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Graphcore is announcing a partnership with NEC – one of the world’s best known and most respected technology companies - to accelerate heterogeneous supercomputing and innovation in artificial intelligence.

The collaboration brings together our Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) systems with NEC’s vector supercomputer SX-Aurora TSUBASA to deliver AI high-performance solutions to customers worldwide.

Graphcore becomes part of NEC’s offering to customers who are building their AI compute capacity and want the advanced capabilities and performance advantage made possible by the IPU.

NEC is also committed to making the IPU an integral part of its long-term product roadmap for artificial intelligence solutions, alongside its SX-Aurora TSUBASA vector supercomputers and other datacentre systems.

The AI opportunity 

The fact that NEC sees the IPU as the future of artificial intelligence compute and has chosen to make it part of their product offering is a massive endorsement of our technology.

Hiromasa Fuchi, Executive Business Supervisor at NEC said of the partnership: “NEC has long been at the forefront of major advances in computing. Artificial intelligence represents both the biggest leap and greatest opportunity for our customers. Working together, NEC and Graphcore are giving innovators the most powerful tools with which they can realise their AI vision.

“The Graphcore IPU has been designed specifically for artificial intelligence and has proven itself across a range of industries - including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and pharma - to accelerate workloads and to unlock new AI models and techniques.”

“NEC will work closely with Graphcore sales and engineering teams to support customers, not only in Japan, but around the world.”