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Sep 14, 2023

Hadean turns to IPU to develop UK-sovereign AI capabilities for national security

Written By:

Sally Doherty

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British spatial computing company Hadean is joining forces with Graphcore to accelerate AI in defence by deploying best-in-class specialised AI hardware and software.

The partnership aims to tackle problems at the heart of innovation in the defence space and ensure that national security services are able to harness and exploit new capabilities at the speed-of-relevance.

Hadean's metaverse infrastructure integrates legacy and AI-based simulations into a robust and scalable single synthetic environment, and increasingly LLM / generative AI models which take advantage of Graphcore’s leading edge hardware and software.

We are working closely with Hadean to ensure that our capabilities are fully optimised and integrated and that customers have access to the AI compute they need at the scale they need.

AI-supported decision-making

In the Defence industry, staying ahead of global competitors and adversaries requires reliable information to enable the clearest situational awareness, comprehensive training, and fastest decision-making possible.

For AI-integrated training environments to enable “training as we fight” in the AI Age, you must have the best software capabilities and access to the best AI resources today.

With the meteoric rise of AI being used in a majority of production, analysis, and business operations, ensuring these resources are available and working optimally with the right solution can be challenging.

Sovereign solution

For the UK in particular, lack of sovereign control over the AI ecosystem presents risks to the country and its reliability to friends and allies.

Graphcore’s AI acceleration and Hadean’s Platform for Defence provides an optimal AI hardware and software solution.

Graphcore’s specialised hardware design circumvents the manufacturing bottlenecks that beset GPU solutions, ensuring a ready supply of specialised AI hardware for defence applications.

Hadean’s software, running on and uniquely optimised for Graphcore hardware, is empowered to deliver best-in-class AI capabilities, including in virtual training environments and integrated with the common operating pictures which Hadean deploys today.

Together, Hadean and Graphcore will enable first class AI capabilities for first-class situational awareness, responsiveness, integration, and decision-making.

This partnership of UK companies represents a significant contribution towards a UK-sovereign AI defence ecosystem.

Hadean CEO, Craig Beddis said: "Our partnership with Graphcore will turbo-charge the development and deployment of native AI capabilities and deliver the tools defence and national security leaders need to keep our democracies safe. Joining forces with a like-minded organisation like Graphcore is at the core of our partnership approach as we continue to build on our success of exploiting novel technologies and accelerating the digital transformation of defence.”