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Intelligence Processing Unit

Intelligence Processing Unit

Designed for machine intelligence

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Introducing the IPU

The Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) is completely different from today’s CPU and GPU processors. It is a highly flexible, easy to use, parallel processor that has been designed from the ground up to deliver state of the art performance on current machine intelligence models for both training and inference. But more importantly, the IPU has been designed to allow new and emerging machine intelligence workloads to be realized. 


The world's first IPU server 

The Dell DSS8440, the first Graphcore IPU server, is now available to order from Dell. The Graphcore IPU is unique in keeping the entire machine learning knowledge model inside the processor. With 16 IPU processors, all connected with IPU-Link™ technology in a server, an IPU system has over 100,000 completely independent programs, all working in parallel on the machine intelligence knowledge model.


Arithmetic efficiency

The IPU delivers much better arithmetic efficiency on small batch sizes for both training and inference which results in faster model convergence in training, models that generalise better, the ability to parallelize over many more IPU processors to reduce training time for a given batch size, and also delivers much higher throughput at lower latencies for inference.
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Detailed benchmarks

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Finance market focus

Training on IPU takes 4.5 minutes compared to 2 hours with existing solutions

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