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Harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence with our exceptional network of partners and platforms, offering cutting-edge AI and ML solutions fueled by Graphcore IPUs

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Pienso is UI for AI. Use your data to train Large Language Models to speak the language of your business — without ever seeing a line of code. Interoperable across all major LLM providers. Deployable in-cloud or on-premise. Pienso is AI orchestration that powers real-time insights.

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  • Experiment and iterate with ease to find the right model for your use case
  • Maintain your data sovereignty by working via a cloud-hosted LLM
  • Pay only for the models you deploy, not for training
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NLP Cloud is an AI platform that lets you use the most advanced AI engines and train your own engines with your own data. With NLP Cloud, it’s easy and affordable to integrate cutting-edge AI features into your application without compromising confidentiality.

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  • High Performance AI in 200 languages
  • Security and Data Privacy by Design
  • Pre-trained and Custom AI models
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Aleph Alpha conducts state-of-the-art AI research to create transformative applications aimed at solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Aleph Alpha created Luminous, one of the world’s most sophisticated Large Language Models.

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  • Powerful, secure and sovereign European AI technology
  • Develop and build highly scalable applications
  • Field-proven technology ready to use in the cloud or on premise
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