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Graphcore Academic Programme

Championing ground-breaking research and innovation in higher education.

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Introducing Our Academic Programme

Graphcore builds tools and technology to enable innovations in Artificial Intelligence. Our academic programme is designed to support Professors, Researchers, Principal Investigators, Postdocs, PhD and Masters students conducting and publishing research using IPUs or in their coursework or teaching.

Research Priorities

Research Priorities

We are actively looking for projects and proposals that fall in one of these areas, but are open to hearing ideas for new and novel ways to use IPUs.

  • Optimisation of Stochastic Learning
  • New Efficient Models for Deep Learning and Graph Networks
  • Sparse Training
  • New Directions for Parallel Training
  • Local Parallelism
  • Multi-Model Training
  • Conditional Sparse Computation

Teaching Opportunities

We are looking to hear from Professors who are interested in developing and teaching coursework around Poplar software and IPU hardware.


Universities selected to participate in the programme will benefit from the following

Asset 5

Opportunity to test and use IPU hardware in the cloud at no-cost

Asset 3

Support letters for grant and funding proposals

Asset 8

Access to latest Graphcore Software tools including Poplar® and PopART®

Asset 1

Support and regular check-ins from Graphcore's in-house researchers and engineers

University Partnerships

  • UC Berkeley
  • ICL
  • Universite de Paris
  • UoB
  • UMass
  • Oxford